For years, we have been availing the services of a notary public or an impartial officer who serves as a witness when someone is signing an important document. The notary officer will be the witness and produce all the valid documents that will help in the process. However, while one can get this notary public from the government offices during working hours, one might need them at other times of the day for emergencies too. Today, thankfully, we have the concept of a Traveling Notary or the Mobile Notary.

They still have the same importance as a stationary Notary and carry the same duties of being the impartial witness. They stand as a witness, check and verify the signatures as people sign on the deeds of property, wills and more government documents.

Importance of Traveling Notary Public

  • Available across cities: If you are located in another city and need the services of a notary at your place, then just contact a reliable notary public on phone. A traveling notary will come to your assistance and to your place with all the required documents and stamps for you to sign. They will carry requisite papers too to suit your business.
  • Witness beyond office: Earlier, to get the service of a notary, one had to go to a bank or to a government service building. Now, understanding the need for notary at any time of the day these services are available beyond their office too. The services of a traveling notary are indeed of great convenience.
  • Affordable option: If a big family has to transfer or make a deed and has to gather all of the children at one place for attestation, it might take up a lot of money. Instead, hiring a proficient mobile notary from the companies like Wendy’s Signature Services makes sense. The fee of notary public is still reasonable in comparison to the expense of having all the people associated with the office in a day far from their homes.
  • Save a lot of time and hassle: In case of transfer or change of trustee’s name, many stakeholders and the board of directors must gather. This means everyone must schedule and set aside their time for this meeting. Usually the biggest hassle is to find time for everyone to gather. That is why having a traveling notarian to go to different members and get their signatures from their own offices will be the best option.
  • Save the risk factor: The state government appoints a notary They do not inspect the contents of deed or documents thoroughly. However, they will make sure that the signatures on these documents are valid. Since the people sign in the presence of the notary public, the chance of forgery is low. This is indeed helpful when someone is going for seeking mortgage or loan on collateral.

More on Getting Authentic Notary Public

In order to attest a document of property transfer or any deed transfer or acquisition, one needs to get a knowledgeable notary. Make sure that while hiring the services of a notary, you know about them. Wendy’s Signature Services is a company that offers proper notary services. Wendy is thorough about her business that she will attest each client till all documents are properly reviewed and notarized.

Location can be anywhere, and the notary will be present when the signature happens. Wendy will even offer elite signature services and personal concierge services across Collier and South Lee Counties.

Prior to hiring from such professional companies, a person might even check out what their clients had to say about them. The firm has already been in the business for long to know the precise and time-efficient manners of processing the documents with ease.

In short, a mobile or a traveling notary has put an end to many worries that people often have when they need mortgages or need to sign up real estate forms and wills. A mobile notary is bliss for the modern world of documentation and legality.