Every year millions of people notarize different documents, however, not everyone has access or the budget to hire a lawyer. Papers to notarize range from home documents, marriage certificate, transferring power of attorney and the list goes on. This is the reason why a notary public service is necessary and needed. There is nothing better than having a mobile notary at your service when personal, official, and business documents need to be notarized. The world is a mobile jungle and so is notary service.

Always available: notary is on-hand to assist clients 24/7 and is not affected by time constraint or bothered by distance. The flexible working hour means that they can meet up with clients at all times even after working hours. For example, if a document pops up that needs a witness and signature, call them today.

They are not restricted to distance: with a mobile notary, you can be sure that he/she will arrive at your required location without question. They will also come fully prepared and willing to travel to places outside their immediate space without any hassle. For example, a traveling notary can arrive at a sick patient’s bedside to attest or sign documents like a will, changing the power of attorney, close business deals or seal that dream home.

They are affordable: this is the best part of using the services of a mobile notary; they are affordable. Although their charges defer from state to state, they are still cheaper than lawyers.

What are the Services of a Notary Official?

The duties of a notary public service are numerous and below are some of their responsibilities.

Administer Oaths

This is probably the most common duties of a notary official to conduct oath and declarations or assertion on behalf of the person and will be held accountable if the information is false under the law. To crown it all, a notary official is like a surety to their clients.

They help to keep and preserve important records

Although notary officials are recognized by the law; they are also required by the same law to have a proper record of all transactions and dealings of each client they provide their services to. Furthermore, a notary official also helps to keep clients important documents safe and sound away from any harm and theft.

Officiating marriage ceremonies

Marriages are held daily, and couples are looking for a legal guarantor that will witness, and also be a signatory for a marriage certificate. Most states don’t allow a notary to perform marriage ceremonies until they obtain a marriage license first.

Certification services

A notary official provides professional and attestation service for all written documents, testimonies, deeds, travel documents, business contracts, affidavits, legalization, and apostille services. These services are usually performed in a court of law in the presence of a judge, but with a notary official, all this can be performed by them.

The services of notarization are valuable to both individuals and organization as their seal proves the authentication of all documents and will verify that the transaction is legit under the law.

The importance of notarizing a document

With the rate of fraud and identity theft on the rise, people want a legally binding document to certify and bind transactions. For example, aged parents wanting to transfer power of attorney to their children or when purchasing a home; a notary official will help arrange all the documents and perform all the necessary legal proceedings to certify all the paperwork.

How does Notarize work?

  • Notify the notary agent and book an appointment for the day and time of the events.
  • Get all the documents and paperwork ready and don’t append your signature on any documents until your notary public service is present.
  • Allows the notary agent to take a look at the document to make sure everything is right.
  • Every legal official can choose to be a notary agent but if you are looking for a legal notary public official with years of experience, then look no further than Wendy’s signature service.

Wendy Signature Travel Notary Service

Because we know how important it is to verify, authenticate, and sign or close deals, we have come up with the best travel notary service offering professional services with utmost confidentiality and efficiency. Furthermore, at Wendy’s Signature Service, Wendy has 15 years of notary experience under her wings.

Wendy’s services include:

Real estate loans and transaction: this involves refinancing, purchasing or selling a home, mortgage reversal, foreclosure, etc.

Personal and family service: it includes the power of attorney, divorce papers, wills, affidavit, trust signing, custodial permission, hospital signature, etc.

Financial and insurance: these include stock transfer, change of business name, permit, etc. other services are performing a marriage ceremony, immigration issues and international passport, and professional document attestation

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