While you may be inclined to put off thinking about your mortality, taking the time to prepare a well-written document that indicates how you would like your possessions and assets to be distributed after you die is the key to avoiding problems among loved ones. Leaving behind a record of how you want your personal belongings and money to be allocated is important. If you have decided to write your own will, here are a few things you will need to know prior to preparing wills and planning estates. These days, it is possible to hire a mobile notary public, who will come to your office or home and be there to validate and authenticate your signature.

Points to Note before Preparing Wills:

  • List the names of heir and executors: Do not be vague in your will. Do not hope that everyone will know what you want. This can be especially tricky when you’ve had multiple children, and you have you children and stepchildren in the mix.
  • List down the asset you wish each one gets: It is essential for you to take time to document what you would like to pass down as a legacy. If you have varied asset types, then specifically mention who is to receive specific items with their name in full. Do not leave any ambiguous specification that can cause a feud after your demise.
  • Choose the legal route: If you wish to remove someone from this list, get advice from a legal advisor. You can then have it in writing so that they do not in any way, come asserting their rights. Ask the notary public to provide legal papers as per any new requirements in law.
  • Proofread the will and signing: Now that you have the presence of a notary and your beneficiaries in attendance, explain the will to everyone. This is something everyone puts off. It is necessary to present this while you are in sound health. Have a notary public from the reputed companies like Wendy’s Signature Services present at this time. They will be present as a state’s representative to ensure that you are signing under no influence whatsoever. Many states might even require an impartial witness to be present at the time of this signing.

Why Planning Estates is also a Vital Task?

A person who does not plan their estate well ahead, will cause mayhem in their family post their demise. The challenge is to plan the estate’s allocation among the heirs with legal advice. There should be no ambiguity and all the trustees should be aware of your plan. There will be a need for an executor in this case. These laws of planning and designating heirs for the estate will vary from one state to the other. It is, nevertheless, necessary for you to consult an advisor for the same.

The Need for a Notary Public

A knowledgeable and practicing notary could be beneficial in both these cases. The notary public from Wendy’s Signature Services from Florida state is available on call and will be present with the correct documents. The notary will validate the signature and make the process easy to execute in the future.