You may be planning that trip for the holidays with your family and niece or nephew, purchasing your airline tickets, packing your bags, packing their birth certificates along with their travel consent form. If you are not familiar with the legality of a consent form while traveling with a minor without one or two parents, then it is time for you to seek a notary, making sure all your documents are in the correct order.

Need for Papers Giving You Temporary Consent as Guardians

Though traveling from one city to the other in the US may just require the child’s birth certificates, you may also need a consent form. A travel consent form is necessary if a minor child is traveling without one of the two parents.

A custodial permission is what the legal parents can provide to the guardian for a host of reasons:

  • For being the child’s caregiver
  • To grant permission to travel internationally with the child
  • To enroll the child in a school
  • To take timely decisions while giving a child medical and dental treatments
  • Consent to school for taking children on tours

How Will the Notary Public Help?

In order to get the travel consent or an overall consent of temporary custodianship, make sure you approach a notary public a few months before departure. Wendy’s Signature Service will provide you with the proper documents, letting you travel with ease of mind.