Modern technology has sped up the work and so people are working across the boundaries of cities and states. Today, for a traveling notary officer, the distance or place is never really an issue. For the customer it is far more comfortable than visiting the court or the office of a notary officer. There are many situations when you will need a notary which include:

  • For the last-minute travel consent form
    You may have heard of the term “travel consent” for a child traveling alone by flight. If your little one is about to fly on her own, she will need a travel consent. Admittedly, this is something that many fliers ignore or are simply unaware of and they realize it on reaching the airport. With just a couple of hours for the paperwork to happen and proceed for the boarding, parents or guardians may be clueless about what to do. That is when calling a traveling notary is a solution in hand. Equipped with a host of documents and no-objection certification templates in hand, these notary officers can be a legal witness as you sign important documents. 
  • For the signing of the will and last testaments
    If a patriarch of the family is on his deathbed and wishes to make an announcement regarding the distribution of his estate and asset, you will need a notary. It will not be possible to take him to the notary office. Thus, calling up companies like Wendy’s Signature Service for the traveling notary will be wise. They will send a certified notary public at the time and place of your choice. In the meantime, you can call the people whose presence will be vital. 
  • Power of Attorney
    If someone is going to settle abroad and needs his local manager to be the power of attorney to manage the estate or business, he can do that. By asking the notary public to be present and attest the power of attorney, one can be sure that the transfer of this power and authority is completely legal. It will be essential to do this for management and banking transactions to happen easily. 
  • Mortgage Closing
    If a person aims to mortgage a house that is in the name of more than one owner, he will need signatures on No objection certificates. A mobile notary can do that for you. You just put in your signature. The rest of the work, including the acquisition of the signatures from other parties, will be easy and the notary public will do it. Though you will have to pay for the traveling expense to the notary public but still, the work will be completed in no time and with negligible efforts.
  • Administer Oath
    At a time when you are planning to have a person inducted into your group or your company’s top layer, you can seek the notary. From Wendy’s Signature Service, you will get the Notary Public who will come to your office and be present when a person administers the oath. He or she will be present as a witness and then acknowledge and conduct the formalities.

Other Situations Where Mobile Notary Will Help:

Besides all of these, the notary public will be present during the wedding as an official to attest the pre-nuptial agreement signatures and more. The traveling notary will also be attesting a doctor’s health certificate in case there is a need for the same before a player appears before a board of game officials. Wendy’s Signature Service also includes services of a Notary public who can obtain courtroom records for any will or for rewriting property shares.

The services are all highly secretive and the years of experience has helped Notary Public at Wendy’s Signature Service to execute the work with sincerity. They will be able to be a witness while a person or a company is seeking a bank or money lender’s loans for homes. These specialized services along with the concierge services have been the talk of Florida and beyond. In order to hire a veteran Notary Public, simply call or con