The personal concierge business is people-oriented serving people and their unique needs. That means being a successful concierge requires certain people skills to make customers happy under any circumstance.

1. Flexibility
By definition, a concierge service is all about flexibility. The concierge exists to assist customers in any number of ways because, for one reason or another, the customer has neither the time nor the ability to handle the tasks himself. Thus, the concierge can be hired to do anything from running errands to helping pack a house in preparation for a move.

2. Problem Solving Ability
Going hand-in-hand with flexibility is problem solving ability. The concierge who can look at any problem, think it through, and come up with an appropriate solution, not letting circumstances get in the way. It is an essential quality in a modern culture that is less likely to settle for excuses over results.

3. Creativity
The best concierges possess a great deal of creativity. We are talking about the creativity necessary to look at a problem and find a creative and unique way to solve it; a way that is best suited to the needs of the customer.

Being that every client is different, the creative concierge looks at each individual problem in light of the client in question, and then creates innovative ways to make each of them happy.

4. Organizational Skills
For the modern personal concierge, organization is everything; be it organization of the home, a personal schedule, business affairs, or what have you. A concierge with good organizational skills will always be in demand.

5. Open Mind
Lastly, the best concierges are those who approach every day with an open mind. A good concierge has to be able to adapt without giving the impression they are anxious about a situation. 

Other character traits are honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic. As a customer, you need to be able to know you can trust the ones providing a service that will directly affect you, your family, your home, and your future. Wendy’s Signature Service strives to provide all of these services to their customers.