The spring season marks the beginning of the wedding season.  It is well-known that the month of May is one of the most popular wedding months with 11 percent of couples marrying.  It may be due to the feeling of renewal and rebirth that spring brings and also to the warmer weather. 

A wedding ceremony may be a simple affair between the couple and a justice of the peace or with a notary public.  But you also have the choice to have a wedding ceremony with a reception surrounded by friends and family.  To help you get organized for your wedding, there are four crucial basic steps you need to get the wedding planning started.

  1. Set a budget

Deciding how much money you want to allocate to your wedding will help you to figure out your budget and to plan accordingly.  Once you have sat down to figure out your wedding budget based on your own financial input as well as anyone else’s contributing, then you will have a better idea of the price range you should not exceed for items such as a venue, a dress, food and etc.

2. Narrow down the wedding date

Many factors play into the date setting for your wedding.  You need to take into account work schedules, family conflicts, holidays and also the wedding venue’s availability.  You would need to make sure to ask your family members and close friends (who may be in the wedding party) what they have scheduled for that time frame.  It will provide you with a better idea of who will be able to attend the ceremony.  It is also recommended to select different dates to choose from.

3. Choose the venue

Now that you have set your budget and narrowed down the wedding date, you would need to choose the wedding venue.  Whether you are dreaming of a romantic beach wedding or you prefer to book a room, you need to pick a location as soon as possible.  One of the deciding factors for a venue will be the number of guests that will be expected to attend.  Give yourself enough time to do your research and visit a few places to explore all your options before taking your pick.

4. Select the wedding officiant

Choosing the right person to officiate your wedding is vital to its success. You have many options to choose from.  If you are getting married at the courthouse, a justice of the peace will officiate the union.  However, if your wedding is anywhere else, you can select a religious figure, a friend or even a notary public.  A lot of people ignore that a notary public can legally officiate a wedding as long as the couple gets a marriage license first.  The only requirement for the notary public is to do a wedding in the state of which they are commissioned.

There are many more steps in the wedding planning process such as finalizing the guest list and booking the different vendors, but these 4 steps are a good foundation to kickstart your planning.  It is important to warn you that the more intricate your wedding, the more meticulous you need to be in the organization leading up to the most memorable event in your life.

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