The notary public is a person authorized to perform certain legal formalities. The notary acts as a legal representative of the law to serve the public as an impartial witness in the signing of important documents.  Do you know in which instance you would require their services?

  1. Certifications of Copies

In certain states, a notary public has the capacity to attest that the copy of a document is legit and true.  Because of fraudulent practices happening with copies as it is not the original document, a notary public seal’s may be needed.

2. Transferring ownership of real estate

Transferring ownership of real estate is an important business deal.  This is a multi-level transaction, and at some point, would require the services of a notary public to attest of the legitimacy of all the documents that will seal the agreement between the different parties involved.

3. Granting Power of Attorney to Someone

A power of attorney allows one person to appoint another to act on his or her behalf if one happens to be incapacitated while short or long-term decisions need to be taken.  The person who is granted power of attorney is then called “attorney-in-fact”.  For a decision as important as granting someone else the power to make crucial decisions on your life, you definitely need the services of a notary public to accompany you throughout the process.

4. Employment Contracts

Some employment contracts require a notary public to attest of government-issued documents provided.  A notary could also be needed as a witness of the agreement between the employer and the service provider or employee.

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