Aside from the better-known roles and duties of a notary public, the state of Florida also allows for them to be wedding officiants as well. So, a notary public can accompany you on one of the most memorable days of your life, as an ordained minister.  As such, they are able to perform any wedding-officiating duties just like a religious figure, a justice of the peace or any other wedding officiant.

  1. Is there a location restriction for a notary public to officiate a wedding?

Actually, a notary public can be very mobile.  Whether you have picked a special venue for the ceremony or you want it to take place in your home, it is not a problem.  The notary public as your wedding officiant will accommodate you as far as the wedding location and other needed preparations are concerned.Here are 4 questions you may ask yourself about choosing a notary public as your wedding officiant.

2. Can you get married right after getting your marriage license?

The personal concierge can help the older citizens in your life by running their errands either with them or for them.  Aging parents start experiencing physical and mental challenges, so they may need someone to drive them to the grocery store or even to the park for a walk to enjoy the fresh air.  A concierge could also drive them to social events such as family reunions, thanksgiving gatherings or even at church to ensure their safety and comfort.

3. Are the fees high for a wedding with a notary public?

Most of the time, the fees associated with a wedding are reasonable.  Some notaries may also offer concierge services, in which case, you may solicit their services for other areas of the wedding planning.  Non-notarial concierge services that you may need for a wedding can help you check off items on your to-do- list and relieve you from feeling too stressed out.  It is very important to add that no-notarial services should be invoiced separately to avoid any confusion.

4.  Are witnesses required at the wedding?

Witnesses are not required to get married in the presence of a notary public.  If you elect for a very intimate wedding between you, your partner and the notary, it is perfectly fine.  Although the Florida marriage license may have a space for witnesses to sign, it is completely up to the marrying couple to choose. The notary public can provide you with all the information needed in advance to ensure that your wedding takes place without a glitch. 

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