As time goes by, we all age, and our needs evolve. If you are a senior citizen or have an older relative who needs help for their various life’s needs, you may be needing the services of a personal concierge.  What is a concierge? The personal concierge provides a compassionate adaptable care to cater to people and their unique needs. Here are 5 ways a concierge can help you with:

  1. Running Errands

The personal concierge can help the older citizens in your life by running their errands either with them or for them.  Aging parents start experiencing physical and mental challenges, so they may need someone to drive them to the grocery store or even to the park for a walk to enjoy the fresh air.  A concierge could also drive them to social events such as family reunions, thanksgiving gatherings or even at church to ensure their safety and comfort.

2. Paying Bills

Bill paying can be a hassle for older relatives.  With their mental capacities diminishing, it could be tedious to keep the bills in order and remember to pay them on time.  A personal concierge can offer their help to your older relatives to contact the service providers or financial institutions, if needed, and pay the bills to avoid any service interruption.

3. Managing Administrative Paperwork

A concierge is crucial to help sort out paperwork.  There are many ways to keep paperwork organized to not only avoid clutter but also to make it easier to retrieve them when needed.  The senior citizen may not be able to keep up with this important task, thus the need for a concierge to keep a certain order in this area.  It makes a huge difference to the physical and mental space of the older relative to have their clerical work taken care of by a helpful concierge.

4. Being a Contact Person to Family Members

Life’s circumstances sometimes do not allow family members and close friends to live near the older relative, thus a personal concierge could become the contact point between the two parties. Family could go through the concierge to get the updates on their relative concerning their health, general emotional and mental well-being as well as some information on their daily routine.  It is truly comforting to know that a compassionate person is caring for our loved ones and that they are not isolated and alone.

5. Coordinating with Outside Services

If the older relative still lives in their home, there is more likely a need to manage a household.  Whether be by coordinating the services of a landscaper, a plumber, an electrician or a carpet cleaner, the personal concierge can take care of it.  The concierge can make sure that the services paid for are being rendered and that no one is taking advantage of their customer.

Caring for your older relatives requires lots of time, compassion and commitment, and a personal concierge can accompany you into providing those much-needed services to them, preventing you from worrying.  Wendy’s Signature Service strives to provide all these services as a caring personal concierge.