Now that you are ready to get married, to the person of your choice, what do you do next? You will have to decide if you want to get married in a religious ceremony or if you wish to get married in front of a government authority. However, in the modern times, people are hiring the services of a wedding officiant to be lead the ceremony.
How to Select the Best Wedding Officiant?
Look for the following criteria while hiring a civil official. A registered wedding officiant will take you through the process of conducting a wedding in the most effortless manner.
Here are a few criteria your professional officiant must possess:
  • Get recommendations for the wedding officiant: If you wish to get married to someone from another religion or culture, get recommendations for the best officiant for performing a wedding. If your friends or acquaintances were married in a similar fashion, just get their recommendations.
  • Check if they can validate in your state: Every notary public or civil official from civil courts cannot lead a wedding in all states. The state laws will differ and the ones from other states may not be aware. However, if you call up Wendy’s Signature Service and explain your predicament to them, they will direct you to such an officiant who can visit your state and lead your wedding with ease. It is so easy now since the company specializes in sending traveling notary public for diverse legal works like these across states. Likewise, if you are in Florida, you can simply hire them directly for your wedding.

What Will the Wedding Officiant Do?


The wedding officiant is a professional civil officiant who will lead and legalize a wedding. These officiants can be a magistrate of district courts or a notary public. They are in great demand by the people who are marrying in some far off places and do not wish to exchange their vows religiously. Captains of ships may be allowed to become a witness and lead the weddings but it is always advisable to safely hire the official of the state where you are getting married.
The notary public or professional officer will have the legal papers ready to register your marriage and declare you married legally. Many people prefer to go for pre-nuptials too and might need a notary to have those papers ready a few days before the wedding. If you are looking for a wedding officiant for your wedding in Florida, calling Wendy’s Signature Service would be a great move. They have Mobile Notary or Traveling Notary services too.