Are you planning to move to another country? Thousands of Americans decide to move overseas for diverse reasons every year.  Some take that leap of faith because they long to explore the world and visit other places.  While others move for work related reasons.  Whether for pleasure or business reasons, there is a checklist to follow to ensure that you take every precautionary measure for a smooth transition to your country of residence.  Here are 4 steps you need to check off your list.

  1. Know the visa requirements for expats

One thing is sure, most countries will require you to have a long-term visa during your stay.  Depending on your motive to move, there are multiple options for a visa such as a temporary or permanent residency visa, work, tourist visa etc. You need to be diligent in your research online or by calling the embassy of the country where you intend to go.

  2. Figure out the cost of living  

It goes without saying that it takes money to travel.  You will need money to take care of all the administrative paperwork such as getting a passport, visa, vaccinations, ect., along with lodging, transportation and food costs.  And this is just for starters. Some countries could have a high cost of living while others are more affordable.

3. Take care of your financial and legal obligations in the U.S.

Before up and leaving the United States, you should make arrangements with your belongings here at home.  Whether you want to sell your furniture or your car to raise some money or gift your belongings to friends and family, you need to plan out your departure.  If you own a house or rent, make sure to leave with everything settled.  You may want to cancel your memberships, notify your financial institutions of your destination and even re-route your mail.

4. Make one last visit to your health professionals

It is a good idea to get your checkups done before moving abroad. Having the reassurance about one’s health or to get your prescription refilled because you may not have insurance coverage in the new country when you first get there will ease your mind during the transition. Medical care or medical insurance may be expensive, so while you are still here, get your physical exam done, your vision checked and anything else you may need.

Moving abroad is a big milestone as you are leaving your homeland, family and friends for another country.  It could be an exciting adventure to explore other horizons and learn about a different culture, learn a new language and meet new people.  For a smooth transition, it is necessary to follow these steps and do your due diligence.

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