Now that you know about Notary services and how Notaries operate, you’re probably thinking about becoming one, but you are lacking proper motivation. Read on; this post is specifically written to educate you on a few important things that you should know before becoming a Notary, including why you should pursue a career in the field.

The American Notary community has grown over the years. In fact, statistics peg the number of Notaries in America at an incredible 4.4 million. A majority of this number didn’t join because they wanted to pursue a career in it, but rather most of them grow into their jobs to find that Notary is part of their specific job duties. Some others do it, just so it adds to the quality of their CV as a value-added skill. Well, quite a number of them still become Notaries, because they have their own Notary signing agent business and want to make money from it. This is most probably the reason you’re considering it – to make money off it. You can earn a decent living like a lot of other notaries in America, by notarizing trust documents, handling mortgage signings, and handling may other tasks. Apart from the decent life, you could earn from this; it is also a way to show service to one’s state. Imagine what that will be doing to your credibility.

If you have any interest in becoming a Notary, then you should read the following information in this guide to acquaint yourself with some of the general processes and requirements needed to become successful in it.

Who can Become a Notary Public?

Specific requirements that qualify one for becoming a Notary differs, depending on state and locality. However, irrespective of state or locality, all Notary applicants are required to be at least 18 years old, a legal resident of the state where they are applying, and without criminal records.

What’s The General Cost of Becoming a Notary?

The cost of becoming a Notary varies from state to state. Some states require less than a hundred dollars, while others require up to a few hundred dollars. A number of things contribute to determining what the Notary fee is, some of which includes; a cost of training, required supplies, exams, application filing fees and cost of the bond.

Do You Need Background Checks Before Becoming a Notary?

Again, this varies from state to state. While some states require a background check, others don’t. Although some states where it is not required may have to do it if you state that you have been convicted before while filling the application.

There are a few other things to be known by a prospective Notary, but the listed ones above are the most essential.