The notary public will be the go-to person when there is a need to verify the birth certificates or citizenship. If your immigration is happening in one of the states of the USA, then you can hire the services of experienced professionals from Wendy’s Signature Service. They offer mobile notary to be present at the time of your signature. They will carry all the necessary legal papers to validate your signature.

How will Notary be of Use for Immigration or Passport?

A notary will be the most significant at the time of processing immigration papers and passport. We all are aware of the importance of these documents, and the significance of flawless paperwork needed for immigration status and passports. A notary’ service will be necessary if and when you require the notarized copy of your birth, marriage certificate or any other valid ID proof.

A person who gets married to a citizen of the USA will be needing to notarize the documents. However, many crucial new laws and regulations will be in effect, that many citizens may not be aware of. Many immigrants may need to be aware of any clause or rule that the government sets up when they have a child.

Modern-day Notary Services

The new-age traveling or mobile notary services are helpful since this saves time. The traveling notary will arrive at the place of your choice. If you and your family members need to make sure their passport-related documents are correct and valid, then you will need a signature and services of a notary public.

The notary public will be visiting you or your family members’ home, collect their papers and photocopies of their ID proof like driving license or birth certificate. The services are open for both individuals and businesses owned by the immigrants. They will also be able to witness their signature on behalf of the state. This saves a lot of time. Gone are the days when people used to go to the notary’s office and spend hours waiting for your turn.

With the mobile notary service, you can hire a notary public at the time of your choice and place. So, if you do not have much time and yet need to get the documents ready for proving your identity, ethnicity or even citizenship, hire a public notary. They will come to your office, home, hospital or any other location to notarize your documents.

Wendy’s Signature Service – Aimed at Comfort

The mobile notary public from Wendy’s Signature Service is professional and knowledgeable at the same time. With an experience of handling sensitive documents required for passport and immigration, she knows the gravity of the situation well enough. She will also be there to notarize documents that seek credible witnesses as well. She has successfully handled clients from various states of the USA, though they are from Florida. Call 239-271-1178 and schedule your appointment with Wendy today.