This question has puzzled more than one when facing the need for a notary public’s services. And it is a very appropriate question to ask because the notary public, being an official witness, attesting of the truthfulness as far the identity of the different parties is concerned, will require to see valid identification documents. Here are the most common valid forms of identification.

1. United States and U.S. Territories-issued Driver’s Licenses

A driver’s license issued by the state definitely fits the bill as far as an acceptable form of ID is concerned to get a document notarized. A driver’s license has all the relevant information on the person such as the name, a photo, an address, a date of birth, physical characteristics, a signature and last but not least the driver’s license number.

2. A United States Passport

The U.S. Department of State is the federal agency in charge of delivering passports to the citizens. Thus, during the process of the passport application, this agency requires different documents confirming the identity of the party.

3. Identity Cards from Federal Government Agencies

Federal agencies also issue types of identification cards such as inmate IDs and tribal IDs. Although these forms of identification cards are not often spoken about, they are valid and accepted. A very important federal agency is the USCIS that also issues immigration-related documents such as a green card, which proves the U.S. residency of the bearer.

4. Identity Cards and Passports from Other Countries

Given the mobile nature of our society, the services of a notary public do not only extend to nationals, people from diverse nationalities and origins also have the right to get their documents notarized. Thus, a foreign passport or foreign driver’s license are perfectly acceptable to identify oneself to a notary. Because these documents have been issued by the legal and appropriate agencies of other countries, they are also valid here.

Although each state has its own notary laws, it is safe to say that they all agree on the documents listed above. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to call Wendy’s Signature Service to receive the knowledgeable service to accompany you through the notarization process.What is Considered an Acceptable Form of ID to Notarize a Document?